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Play as Jules, a character embroiled in a supernatural world of spirits who has taken it upon himself to help those who cannot pass on while their souls are bound to pieces of valuable art. And make some money on the black market in the process...

3rd person stealth: WASD for movement, Mouse to look around, Space for jump, Ctrl or C for crouch, E to interact, M to bring up the map, Esc or P to pause the game.
Narrative: Mouse

Afonso Figueira https://cyprotic.itch.io/ Programmer
Ashmit Chopra https://lopdasrulez.itch.io/ Artist, Concept & 2D
Chris Buss https://christopher-buss.itch.io/  Programmer
Leo Burns https://o37.itch.io/ Technical/Level Designer
Michael Orchard https://michael-orchard.itch.io/ Narrative Writer
Zain Dib https://r0bot.itch.io/ Artist, 3D models, Coordinator

External Assets:
Portrait of Rutger Jan Schimmelpenninck and his Family - Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, 1801
Surprise sound effect: davidou January 25th, 2010 https://freesound.org/s/88473/

All other artworks featured were contributions from the team members.


Exorcist Thief.zip 756 MB
Exorcist Thief 1.1.zip 756 MB

Development log

  • 1.1

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